Sound Design
The 14th Factory Trailer Soundtrack
FEB 16
Social Silence
MAY 15
Inspired by Douglas Rushkoff, the ‘always on’ lifestyle is one that many people adopt today. With smartphones increasing connectivity and dislocating technologies like social media putting friends in pockets rather than face to face, we as users have to be wary of missing whats going on in front of us. Social media has become currency that we as users place value on.

This ongoing campaign aims to rejuvenate the moment of silence and carry it out digitally aswell as physically.

During Armistice day participants and social media companies will take part in a media silence to show respect and remembrance of those that were lost in the first world war.
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Information Design
London Bus Timetable
APR 15
Buses and their associated timetables are used everyday. They often function seamlessly without a lot to be desired; when needed it is readily accessible.

The information that we look for whilst waiting for buses is the ‘every 10-12 mins’ stating how often the buses arrive. When a bus takes longer than the highest parameter stated we feel frustrated that it has broken our trust.

My timetable shows bus arrival times as a likelihood represented by vibrancy of colour. If two buses arrive in an hour the slot has 20% opacity, if four buses arrive in an hour it has the opacity of 40%.

This visual simplification of the timetable means that users can get the information they need at a glance.
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Vice: Rule Britannia Ident
MAR 15
For D&AD 2015 Vice set a brief asking for a 15 second ident for their web-series Rule Britannia.

We created an array of British icons and pitted them against each other to create a whole new selection of symbols. We used these symbols as outcomes for over 190 different idents for Rule Britannia.
Binaural Beats
MAR 15
Binaural Beats are an unnaturally occuring phenomena. When two almost identical tones are heard by the left and right ears independently of one another, the brain trys to make up the difference between them.

This installation was created to explain how Binaural Beats work. With a pair of headphones on the user takes control of their own binaural audio-visual performance. The visuals on the screen are a graphical representation of the tones that the audience hears. The user can take a snapshot of the performance which is automatically printed onto paper with a further explanation pre-printed onto it.
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God's Own Junkyard
FEB 15
God's Own Junkyard in Walthamstow is Chris Bracey's neon sign emporium. It plays host to a plethora of different pieces of signage and props from films.

This catalog and photograph set gives people something to take away from the exhibition.

with George Haughton, Alex Joseph, Henry Hawksworth
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Sound Design
Dance Umbrella Soundtrack
FEB 15
Eureka! asked myself and a friend to create a soundtrack for the summary video of Dance Umbrellas dance festival in London.

with Charlie Pelling
UX Design
Record Shelf
DEC 14
The role of the album cover is shifting. Music formats are now smaller than ever and easy to share and download. This has lead to the album cover having a more diminished role than ever before. In an attempt to bring the album cover back to the forefront of navigating the user's music collection I have reduced album covers to individual strips of colour made from the far left pixels of the album covers they represent.

Using these strips of colour users can quickly and easily recognise the albums in their playlists. The songs themselves are navigated like books on a shelf and the playlists are represented by the horizontal shelves.
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Web / Editorial
NOV 14
This is a study in the code words, language and jargon that exist within an exclusive group of people. Participants are invited to add their own in-jokes/jargon/code to a web database. The database allows for snippets of jargon to be called up randomly. Using this jargon generator and a systematic approach to typography, JargonRoll Vol.1 was made.
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Service / Social
NHS - Self Portrait
OCT 14
The NHS is changing and moving forward. However in moving forward new problems and issues are becoming apparent. One of these such issues is that of NHS users feeling like their information could be insecure when using computers or new prototype services.

As a way of broaching the subject and starting conversations we created these self portrait cards. These cards can be found in waiting rooms of surgerys or hospitals. Users are given a basic template around which to draw themselves. They are also encouraged to highlight any particular area or their body where they may have had an illness, broken bone or ailment. We found the results were often humorous and created a positive attitude around the subject.

with Charlie Pelling
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Wrappers Delight
JUL 14/15
For two years now some friends of mine and I have taken to the forest in Cambridgeshire and created hammocks made of just cling film. The revellers and intrepid explorers at Secret Garden Party loved being able to come have a lie down on our web-like creations.

with Sam Chapman, Scott Carthy, Henry Hawksworth
More than a BA
JUN 14
In 2014 the branding for Kinsgton University's Graduate Show conisisted of various combinations of adjectives beginning with 'B' and nouns beginning with 'A'. This was centered around the idea that Kingston offers more than a BA.

Using rotational information from a gyroscope, attached to an Arduino attached to the revolving door at the entrance to the show, this interactive installation enabled users to take control of the show branding.

with Jace Harrison Crowley
MAY 14
This installation uses a Allyn-Welch vital signs monitor to visually and audibly represent the users vital signs in a projected space.
MAR 13
Viruses have the ability to mutate and adapt. This long print illustrates this as the screen used to print it was not cleaned.

As the paint built up throughout the process the printed images adapt and change.
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